Miss T's NFTs Project

Miss T's NFT

Welcome to the world of Miss T. This NFT project is inspired from our hit mobile game called "Scary Teacher 3D", which has over 200 Million downloads with over a million daily active users.
Who is Miss T: Main antagonist in our game is Miss T aka Scary Teacher, a loud and obnoxious yet quite dumb at times who has an unapologetically selfish nature. If she has a passion for something, then she will have it, no matter the price. There is a sleek arrogance to her character whose self-love knows no bounds. Miss T, is seen as a cold, cruel and extremely vain person who has it out for children in particular.
Our NFT Project will be divided into 5 Phases:
Phase 1: Marketing and Minting - Reach out to people and divide them into OG and Whitelist for Miss T NFTs.
The Lore:
Miss T has relocated to metaverse and planning to release many versions of her. With so many Miss Ts frolicking around the metaverse, we need to act fast! Its time to tame the threat and own all NFTs of Miss T so that we can teach them a lesson.
Phase 2: Prank Miss T - A Play 2 Earn (P2E) game for NFT holders where player gets a chance to win crypto from pool. Tournaments will occur after regular intervals. We will also start converting NFTs into 3D models.
Phase 3: Coin Creation - Launch + Offering of Scary Coin. We will also be launching another mini game where NFT holder can tease their NFT with various items. This module will be similar to pranking module in Talking Tom.
Phase 4: Staking - Auto Staking to give APY to holders. We will also integrate the NFTs into main Scary Teacher mobile game.
Phase 5: Enter the Metaverse - Inspired from our game "Scary Teacher 3D", we will be selling 2500 lands where NFT holders can make their own world and let other players come and play. This will be exclusive for Miss T NFT holders.
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